At Barnetby Kennels, we have the quality of the service we deliver at the centre of everything we do.

Quality to us means the welfare and health of all animals in our care and the delivery of good service to our customers from first contact, throughout their stay, as they go home.

We work to introduce, improve and develop methods to support the quality of the service we deliver:

  • Training and development to be able to apply and deliver high standards of animal care.
  • Continual development of knowledge to maintain an up to date delivery of health and welfare through use of close contact with Veterinary Practices Locally, Connections with local Animal Colleges and appropriate magazines, along with contact with other similar local businesses.
  • Application of knowledge through development and delivery of methods of work.
  • The correct collection, recording and application of client’s instructions regarding the pets in our care.
  • The correct explanation of our requirements (e.g. vaccinations, prices, opening times) in a friendly and knowledgeable manner.
  • Continuous Improvement by a review of when things go wrong/ near miss in order to avoid re-occurrence of errors.


Risk Assessments are available for viewing at the Kennels.

Our aim is to try and keep your pet in the same routine as they are used to with walks and feeding times.

Barnetby Boarding Kennels

To view kennels please call to arrange an appointment.